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12760 S Park Ave, Riverton, UT 84065

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Phone: 801-254-0367
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Thursday 10:30am - 12:30pm, 1:30pm - 3:30pm
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Post Office in Riverton, UT (1)

Riverton post office

Today I came in with my 2 daughters. I've been picking up a series of packages which has been quite the process since they weren't delivered correctly on the first round of packages or the 2nd. All packages were numbered and on both occasions 1 package was missing from both batches. However they were all marked as delivered. So I've been working to track them down. Yesterday a nice worker at the riverton location told me some of the packages were still out, so I should come back with my slip today on 9/15. Unfortunately a worker named Tai was what I was dealt. I've seen him yell at custumers on previous occasions and often try to keep my head down and avoid getting paired with him. Today he chose to cut me off numerous times, asked me the same questions repeatedly (hoping I would give up the search?) and then physically ripped the delivery slip and pen out of my hands. I stood outside your location and actually cried because of how heinous he treated me. The people in line reached out and apologized to me and wished that I would have a better day and I pray to God this man is fired so no one else has to deal with him. I don't think it's a coincidence that the woman next to me at the front desk mentioned he is always mean and she trys to avoid getting him. Because I was already tearing up and was shocked by this whole ordeal I declined to speak to his supervisor. He seemed very confident that he wouldn't be in any sort of trouble by this encounter which is incredibly concerning. Hoping no one else has a negative encounter with this man. Everyone has bad days but multiple strangers with concern or bad experiences about the same man is not a coincidence.


Post Office in Riverton, UT (2)


I used to live in this post office's delivery area and I moved almost 2 years ago so there was no way I could forward my mail. I needed their help getting my stimulus payments and they have been more than helpful. Yvonne specifically has gone out of her way to help make sure I get my checks. Thank you so much Yvonne, you've been awesome!


Post Office in Riverton, UT (3)

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Steve Thornock

I just tried to pick up a package at the rivertom post office. 84065The woman at the window was the nastiest person I’ve ever dealt with. I showed her my text notice but she was in a bad mood and wouldn’t help.


Post Office in Riverton, UT (4)



I’d rather have my mail delivered by pigeon than whoever has been doing it for the past year.


Post Office in Riverton, UT (5)

lee e bennett


i tried to call the post office and i call the 800 number and i wanted to speak with real person but all i got was the recording, that very rub when you want to talk a real person and theres no one there to talk to, I call the ups store here in town they gave me the direct line the post office i cant beleive that you people dont have a real person there to answer question, wow


Post Office in Riverton, UT (6)

Todd Carlson


Never had any issues for ten years, until I moved...In the same City and zip code!Now the postal service has some of my mail being delivered to a similar address. And other parts of my mail, unknown!WTH? Is it really that difficult?For an agency that’s on the verge of bankruptcy. With a post master general doing everything he can to save would think that employees would step it up and do their best to make it better and competitive!


Post Office in Riverton, UT (7)

Tom R


Just found out that a package I have been waiting on was never delivered because I needed to sign for it. No notice either in my mailbox or on my door that it has been sitting at the PO for over a week.


Post Office in Riverton, UT (8)

Cyndi Nordfelt


Really frustrated with the post delivery. I've never been one to write a negative review but I've had multiple packages forcibly smashed into my mail box and the contents ruined (books torn, pictures bent, toys broken). It's ridiculous that they can't take the extra 20 seconds to walk something to the door instead of ruined in the mailbox. Then, I've had numerous times where our mail was either not delivered, or delivered to the wrong person. We've literally had to do a neighborhood mail exchange some days. Please do the job well. I've written a kind note and left it in the mailbox to address the post deliverer directly but nothing has changed. Really frustrating!!

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Post Office in Riverton, UT (9)

Nicole Strong


Herriman resident here. I have many complaints with our postal worker. My main problem is that i receive letters and packages routinely for the wrong address. I deliver them but i have had several packages go missing. Also they refuse to pick up my mail. I have mail in my box pre stamped and labeled ready to go out, with the flag up today. I got a notification from Dhl saying i couldn’t receive a package today because my mail receptacle was full. Yes it was. With letters and packages that needed to go out! I now have to drive to the posy office to drop off letters. This is wrong. Something needs to change. I would like to open up a formal complaint.


Post Office in Riverton, UT (10)



The mail carriers need to be more observant. TWICE in the last few months I have placed a letter in my mailbox to be sent, only to find later when I grab my mail, my outgoing letter is still there along with that days delivered mail. If you have something that needs to be sent by a deadline I suggest dropping it off at the post office yourself.


Post Office in Riverton, UT (11)

K'lyn Wilson


I have not received my mail for 2 days what is going on with your service I have important documents them come in the mailbox and depend on the delivery Bluffdale


Post Office in Riverton, UT (12)



This is the second time this week where USPS claims they attempted to deliver a package, left a time stamp, and yet their was no delivery attempted. I am confident that the postal workers are simply at the end of the night stating that they attempted to deliver packages so that they don't have to work any more. This is absolutely ridiculous and needs to be addressed.


Post Office in Riverton, UT (13)



I have not received my mail before 6 :30 p.m. for the past 3 weeks. Last night it was 8:00 p.m. It comes so late I forget to get it. And I have important mail that should be coming. It seems I am only getting mail every other day too! Does anyone know why the mail is coming so late????


Post Office in Riverton, UT (14)


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The Herriman delivery of mail needs to be looked at. We get no mail for days and then it’s packed. Mail we know should be there is usually delivered late. I continually get mail that is not mine. The neighbors are also having the same complaint.


Post Office in Riverton, UT (15)

Julie S


Herriman resident here. The delivery has drastically decreased in efficiency. My mail is not delivered daily. When it is, my box is stuffed with mail to the point that some pieces are destroyed. Covers ruined and official college transcript seal broken, just to name a few issues. This is unacceptable and attention to this needs to be taken seriously and fixed soon!!!!!


Post Office in Riverton, UT (16)

G. Lou


The delivery service in Herriman is becoming a joke! WE continue to receive government mail for people that have moved 9+years ago, my neighbors' mail regularly, and after delivering mis-delivered mail to one neighbor--she said she had two letters delivered that had been obviously opened this week. After reading the many complaints and reviews to Riverton USPS--I wonder what else can be done to improve this government business and its quality of workers... thank goodness for UPS private services!


Post Office in Riverton, UT (17)

Madison Burrows


Such a ridiculous excuse of a post office and postmasters that have no idea what they are doing!!! This location needs to be shut down!! We never get our own mail or packages and never in time!! People rely on postmasters being competent enough to do their job, which they are not doing! We have not received mail three days in a row now. Amazon also says packages have been delivered and we have nothing. This means the postmaster is intentionally going in saying he delivered the package which in actuality this is not the case. We are disgusted with how poorly they perform their jobs. Wish I didn’t have to pay my taxes to use this service at all. People might as well start paying me, since I deliver my neighbors mail frequently!!! Please someone shut this location down and start over nobody cares of you get your mail or not!


Post Office in Riverton, UT (18)

Jim Newbold


We have gone to both the Riverton and South Jordan post office to mail priority mail packages and have the boxes and envelopes have not been in the office. This has been after hours, but that is when we have time to use it and then we use the after hours system to mail them. I would think you could fill those area's up so we can use your service. It sucks to have to run all over the place to try and find your envelopes or boxes. Just not good service.


Post Office in Riverton, UT (19)



Only lived here 3 months and its been the worst mail delivery. Constantly either not getting any mail and then finding it was delivered to neighbors...then when I do get mail, it has the other neighbors mail in it.My neighbors are as frustrated as I am.How hard is it to get the correct mail in the correct boxes..seriously??? There is never a time you can count on to get mail either..delivered at all different frustrating.We only live a block from the Post Office itself.Never once had any problems like this when we lived in West Jordan. Mail came the same time ev day and was delivered correctly.


Post Office in Riverton, UT (20)

Zee Zillgen


Again I come home from work last night at 9pm and with the 50 mph winds my mail box door is open and one letter is halfway in and halfway out. My neighbor knocks on the door this morning to bring me my Bank Statement which her young son found in her flower beds. What more mail bank statements or bills are lost in the wind again? This happens every storm and the mail lady in the green van is "So Incompetent" she does not understand how to perform her job and the importance of our mail that we pay to have delivered.


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Post Office in Riverton, UT (21)

Mike Eldredge


mail delivery person is either to lazy or incompetent to close my mailbox tightly. Hence, rainy weather-wet mail.


Post Office in Riverton, UT (22)

Allison Wartman


Very disappointed!! I delivered mail to the drop box outside the post office 2 weeks ago, it just so happened to be my kids letters to Santa aka my dad who lives in South Jordan. My dad let me know he still hadn't seen the letters so I call the post office and they let me know it could have been damaged in processing or I can fill something out online if there was theft.....basically because I don't have a tracking number I'm SOL?? I hope my other mail made it because it was for Jury Duty. 😤😡


Post Office in Riverton, UT (23)




Post Office in Riverton, UT (24)



This post office made one of my customers come down to pickup her package and pay $2.35 because they stated they First-Class bubble mailer package was 1 oz. over what was paid for postage. 13 oz. was paid, they say the package was 14 oz. This is the most petty thing I can think of from a company! We have delivered to this customer for years without any issues and postage is always paid in full and accurately to the USPS rates. It is delivered to the mailbox as well. The driver doesn't even have to get out of the vehicle to deliver it. Let me say it again, 1 oz.!!!!! What a joke.


Post Office in Riverton, UT (25)



My package wasn't delivered to my house. Again. Apparently I shouldn't have important things delivered to my house because the delivery person cannot get the addresses correct. I consistently get all my neighbors mail and packages, and sometimes even my own. My neighbors and I have to play mail swap every week, and it's getting obnoxious. Seriously! You have one job, deliver the mail to the address that is listed, it's not difficult.

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