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Alexandra Bortich is a young actress of Belarusian origin. In 2014, the girl was recognized as the acting breakthrough of the year. Despite the small experience in the film industry and the young age of the actress, the celebrity's biography has already been replenished with filming in the sensational Russian films "Duhless-2", "Shot", "Viking", "I'm losing weight" and others.



Childhood and youth

Alexandra Nikolaevna Bortich was born in Svetlogorsk, Gomel region in September 1994. According to the zodiac sign Sasha is Libra. The parents divorced when the baby was 3 years old. Mom went to Moscow, leaving her daughter with her grandmother in Grodno. Alexandra lived with her until she was 10 years old. But then my mother got married a second time and moved her daughter to the capital. Sasha went to a Moscow school and enrolled in a music school. Alexandra Bortich graduated from both schools successfully. She plays the saxophone well.

At school age, Sasha was fond of not only playing a musical instrument, but also made friends with bikers. The result of this friendship was the ability to drive a motorcycle and a love of hard rock: Alexandra enjoyed attending concerts of "Iron Maiden", "Deep Purple" and Robert Plant.

And since childhood, the blue-eyed girl dreamed of studying to be an actress. To this end, Alexandra attended a drama school at the nearby Palace of Pioneers. In addition, Alexandra has an excellent memory since childhood, the girl constantly studied poetry and was not afraid to speak with recitation in front of guests.

Sasha claims that as a child she weighed 75 kilograms, but began to actively lose weight for the sake of the dream of becoming an actress.

After graduating from school, Bortich took the documents to a theater university, but she failed to enroll on the first attempt. The girl went to the pedagogical institute and entered. But she withstood only 2 months of study and left the university. To make a living, she got a job as a waitress in a bar, and at the same time she went to auditions for any film projects that she found.




The debut picture of the aspiring actress was the psychological drama "What's My Name" by Nigina Saifullaeva. Initially, Sasha auditioned for another project: she came to the casting for the TV series "Deffchonki". The young actress failed the audition, but at this casting the director of the film "What's My Name" accidentally saw the girl. The fair-haired girl of short stature and with huge touching eyes immediately liked Mrs. Sayfullaeva, and the unknown actress immediately got the main role.

The creative biography of Alexandra Bortich begins with this film. This tape was released in 2014 and immediately received a lot of positive reviews from film critics and many awards and awards, including international ones. The film was awarded a special diploma by the jury of the Kinotavr festival.

The year 2015 becomes especially "fruitful" for proposals from filmmakers. The young artist appeared in several films, many of which won the audience's sympathy and brought Sasha first glory. The girl starred in "Duhless-2", where she played one of the main roles. And immediately, according to the edition of GQ, she managed to get into the top 9 actresses of 2015. Alexandra was also noted by film critics, who included the artist in the list of 35 actors who can be called the breakthrough of the year.

A blue-eyed beauty also appeared in the film "About Love" by Anna Melikyan. In addition to her, Renata Litvinova, Vladimir Mashkov, Mikhail Efremov, Ravshana Kurkova and other famous artists were involved in the project.

A scandal erupted around the film even before the release. In addition to popular actors, representatives of modern subcultures were invited to play in the film, about which the actors later spoke dismissively in interviews, which offended people who sincerely wanted to help the film look realistic for all viewers, whether they know or not.

Alexandra has starred in feature films and multi-part films. The role of the sister of the main character of the new action-packed series "Shot" Alexandra Bortich played brilliantly. Here, the audience saw a new reincarnation of the actress and made sure that Sasha can play in a variety of roles. This is a wonderful story about the life of biathlon athletes, about their fate and will to win. Bortich managed to convey the character and image of a provincial girl from a small Siberian town, striving to find happiness and not afraid of obstacles on the way to it.

Another notable tape, which was also released in 2015, is called "Elusive". This is a crime thriller and at the same time a melodrama by Artem Aksenenko, where Bortich played one of the main roles.

2015 is the year that brought Alexandra popularity and new roles. Journalists even asked the actress if she was afraid that after such a sudden and stormy success in the girl's life there would be a black streak, to which Alexandra answered philosophically and admitted that there is simply no difficulty without difficulties. Nevertheless, there was no need to talk about any black stripe in 2016. This year brought the actress many new interesting projects.

Bortich, together with Alexander Petrov, starred in the series "Policeman from Rublyovka" about the difficult everyday life of a fashionable area. The girl played the sister of a police officer, who distinguished herself for her daring character and bold antics. The actress also took part in the filming of the comedy series "To Marry Pushkin" about a touching love story of a provincial philologist and a metropolitan party girl.

Alexandra began to participate in the TV show. In December, the Smak culinary program came out with Bortich as a guest.

At the end of the year, Sasha starred in the Viking project, in which she got the role of Rogneda. This picture added to the collection of roles of girls who suffered from the heroes of Danila Kozlovsky. The film "Viking" received mixed reviews. On the one hand, this is a high-quality action movie that has collected a huge box office in Russian cinemas and has gone international. On the other hand, critics point out that the history of Russia in the picture is shown too alternative and sometimes offensive for the people.

Many are surprised by the very choice of the main characters, and the ways to reveal the characters of the characters. Prince Vladimir is a historical personality of not the best moral qualities, but even they tried to whitewash him, making a confused boy ruled by robber Vikings out of a cunning and calculating, but brave and strong-willed leader.

In any case, numerous criticism and scandals brought "Viking" even more popularity, which will clearly have a positive effect on Bortich's further acting career.



Personal life

The young actress lives in Moscow alone. She does not like to attend social events, but prefers to communicate with peers. The girl runs Instagram, where, in addition to posters and promo photos of films, there are many ordinary everyday shots of the young actress. Alexandra is not afraid to post photos in the morning and without makeup or on vacation in a swimsuit. Bortich has not left her long-standing passion for motorcycles, but today she prefers mopeds and skateboards more.

For a long time Sasha had a loved one - actor Ilya Malanin. Sasha met him on the set of the film "Elusive", where she played a heroine, torn between three young gentlemen. Malanin played one of them.

Alexandra claims that for the first time she thought about family and children. Young people lived together and went for walks with Jagger - this is how Sasha called the English Bulldog. In the summer of 2016, rumors began to spread about the imminent wedding of lovers. The actress herself confirmed this by publishing photos with a wedding ring on Instagram. But later Bortich denied the rumors and apologized to fans. The so-called wedding turned out to be part of the series "Policeman from Rublyovka", and not at all the real life of Alexandra.

In early 2017, the couple broke up. This gave rise to many rumors about Sasha's personal life. Many fans and journalists assumed that the guy could no longer meet with Bortich after the release of "Viking", where the actress starred in a rape scene. But Bortich was never afraid of frank roles, and over the three years of her relationship with Ilya, she was shown nude on the screen more than once, even rode around Moscow on a horse and “without clothes” during the “Elusive” promotion. In fact, the actress was in a flesh-colored suit, but in the photo she looked naked. In addition, the artist took part in many photo sessions, including for the Maxim magazine.

The actress stands for tolerance. She openly points out that when she sees how same-sex relationships are oppressed, she gets angry. Alexandra is sure that no one should care about the orientation of a stranger.

Bortich has his own position on art. She believes that swearing should not be prohibited in films. The actress adheres to this position not because of her love of foul language, but because she believes that the state should not impose conditions on creativity.

In the summer of 2017, fans suspected that the artist was pregnant. The girl came to the performance in a loose-fitting shirt. But in the end, this information turned out to be false.

In June 2018, it became known that Alexandra Bortich was divorcing her husband Vyacheslav Vorontsov, familiar to the public as rapper Mezza. The fans of the artist did not even know that the girl managed to get married, so the news of the official breakup was a shock for the fans.

The public found out that the couple had an affair in the spring of 2017. Then Sasha came with her lover to the premiere of the series "Filfak". Initially, the artist's mother opposed her daughter's chosen one: the woman was frightened by the appearance of a young man. But after a personal acquaintance with the groom, the parent changed her mind about the guy.

However, the marriage did not last long, and in July 2018, the husband and wife were officially divorced. Alexandra became the initiator of the break.



Alexandra Bortich now

In 2017, the premiere of the series "You All Enrage Me" started with Svetlana Khodchenkova in the title role. Alexandra Bortich got the secondary role of Sveta.

Then came the mini-series "Torgsin", where Sasha played the role of the central character of Lida Sokolskaya. According to the plot, a girl who is fluent in foreign languages ​​and her brother moves from Leningrad to Moscow. When moving in the things of the father, an old pendant is found. An attempt to solve the secret of the pendant brings Lydia to the department store to see Viktor Serebrov. He promises the girl, using connections, to deal with the secret jewels, and Sokolskaya instead will work as a translator in Victor's store.

In addition to Bortich, Grigory Antipenko, Ekaterina Klimova, Alexander Nosik and others starred in the multi-part film.

Another main role went to Alexandra in the series "Filfak", broadcast on the channel "TNT". The actress played the role of Lena - the girl with whom the hero of Denis Paramonov is in love.

Then Bortich returned to the role of Nicky in the second season of the television series "Policeman from Rublyovka".

The comedy series "Pets" was released in August. And again, Alexandra got one of the main female roles - Alisa Mishina, an animal clinic worker. The girl's partners on the set were Mikhail Bashkatov, Roman Mayakin, Natalya Bardo, Alexey Ilyin and others.

According to the plot, the hero of Bashkatov - Mikhail - is a talented resuscitator. By coincidence, the young man is deprived of his medical diploma. As a result, Misha's wife leaves and takes her daughter.

Then the ex-wife finds a job for the guy, but in a veterinary clinic. On the very first day, Mikhail is thinking of quitting, but at the same time, the former doctor has already managed to make friends, enemies and fall in love. In addition, the pet of an important medical worker is treated in this clinic, and the young man has a chance to return to an ordinary "human" hospital.

In March 2018, the premiere of the comedy "I'm Losing Weight" with Alexandra in the title role was released. The artist reincarnated as a pastry chef Anya, who has two loves in her life - a guy Zhenya and food. Because of the food, the young man leaves his beloved, because Anna has greatly recovered. But the girl is not ready to give up quickly. Thanks to her friend and kind guy Kolya, the beauty begins to lose weight in order to return love.

Together with Alexandra, Irina Gorbacheva, Sergey Shnurov, Evgeny Kulik and others appeared in the film.

Interestingly, for filming in the tape, Bortich gained 20 kg of excess weight and actually lost weight in the process of filming. Today, with an increase of 168 kg, the artist's weight is 55 kg. In the first weeks of the premiere, the film was in the lead in terms of collections in Russia and the CIS.

After the release of the film on the big screens, Alexandra, together with her colleague Yevgeny Kulik, visited Ivan Urgant in the program "Evening Urgant".

In November, Alexandra will appear in a key role in the thriller The Explorer. The girl will appear in the form of Katya, who has a mystical gift - to see ghosts. When Catherine's twin sister disappears, she herself decides to find out what happened to her relative.

Another central role went to Sasha in the comedy "Lovers". The tape will talk about three girls who used to be mistresses of other people's husbands. Beauties unite to take revenge on the men who betrayed and those with whom they cheated. As a result, a secret alliance is formed to help people like them.

Paulina Andreeva, Yulia Alexandrova, Maria Shalaeva and others became colleagues on the set of the actress.

The release of the comedy action movie "Billion" is scheduled for March 2019. In the story, the billionaire loses his fortune in one second. In addition, it turns out that a gynecologist friend traded a man's sperm, as a result of which five children were born. Young guys and girls hacked into the database and found out that the biological father of the guys is a billionaire. A former billionaire who still has a sense of revenge and a desire to return what was lost.

The main roles in the film will be performed by Vladimir Mashkov, Alexandra Bortich, Gela Meskhi and others.




2014 - "What's my name" 2015 - "Duhless 2" 2015 - "Elusive" 2016 - "Viking" 2016 - "Policeman from Rublevka" 2016 - "You all piss me off" 2017 - "Torgsin" 2017 - "Explorer" 2017 - "Filfak" 2017 - "Policeman from Rublyovka 2" 2017 - "Pets" 2018 - "I'm losing weight" 2018 - "Lovers" 2018 - "Policeman from Rublyovka 3" 2019 - "Billion" 2019 - "Policeman from Rublyovka 4"



Net Worth

Aleksandra Bortich 's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below.

Let's check, How Rich is Aleksandra Bortich in 2020?

Aleksandra Bortich Net Worth 2021

Aleksandra Bortich 's revenue is $1.5M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandra Bortich and could vary in the range between $907.6K - $1.3M.

December 2021$56.9K - $95K
November 2021$64.2K - $130.3K
October 2021$56.8K - $143.4K
September 2021$82.8K - $154.6K
August 2021$47.5K - $93.6K
July 2021$80.8K - $139.7K
June 2021$54.1K - $109.9K
May 2021$77.4K - $118.2K
April 2021$73K - $136.3K
March 2021$73.7K - $127K
February 2021$47.7K - $134.2K
January 2021$62.5K - $134.8K

Aleksandra Bortich Net Worth 2020

Aleksandra Bortich 's revenue is $1.7M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandra Bortich and could vary in the range between $885.3K - $1.7M.

December 2020$55K - $100.2K
November 2020$68.1K - $142K
October 2020$75.4K - $94.9K
September 2020$74.3K - $90.8K
August 2020$57.3K - $148.1K
July 2020$55K - $88.6K
June 2020$50.7K - $146K
May 2020$75.4K - $159.4K
April 2020$77K - $106.5K
March 2020$45.9K - $123.6K
February 2020$69.8K - $145.2K
January 2020$58.9K - $132.3K

Aleksandra Bortich Net Worth 2019

Aleksandra Bortich 's revenue is $1.9M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandra Bortich and could vary in the range between $709.8K - $1.2M.

December 2019$79.3K - $110.3K
November 2019$47.1K - $136.5K
October 2019$74K - $125.1K
September 2019$67.2K - $165.8K
August 2019$42.2K - $143.3K
July 2019$61.6K - $155.8K
June 2019$76.7K - $129.3K
May 2019$60.5K - $106.1K
April 2019$66.2K - $116.9K
March 2019$65.7K - $149.6K
February 2019$42.7K - $85.3K
January 2019$45.9K - $166.5K

Aleksandra Bortich Net Worth 2018

Aleksandra Bortich 's revenue is $1.7M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandra Bortich and could vary in the range between $661.6K - $1.4M.

December 2018$69.4K - $138.9K
November 2018$50.6K - $163.1K
October 2018$68.3K - $84.5K
September 2018$44.4K - $152.8K
August 2018$48.4K - $89.6K
July 2018$56.4K - $104.2K
June 2018$60.7K - $92.5K
May 2018$78.3K - $135.1K
April 2018$64.7K - $92K
March 2018$52.4K - $137.7K
February 2018$80.7K - $90.3K
January 2018$53.9K - $94.2K

Aleksandra Bortich Net Worth 2017

Aleksandra Bortich 's revenue is $1.3M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandra Bortich and could vary in the range between $504K - $2M.

December 2017$79K - $150K
November 2017$42.1K - $116.6K
October 2017$73.5K - $155.6K
September 2017$62.8K - $114.6K
August 2017$45.8K - $142.5K
July 2017$79.6K - $136.3K
June 2017$72.6K - $134.9K
May 2017$42.7K - $122.5K
April 2017$50K - $91.4K
March 2017$48.8K - $145.9K
February 2017$74.1K - $126.8K
January 2017$71.7K - $139.4K

Aleksandra Bortich Net Worth 2016

Aleksandra Bortich 's revenue is $1.7M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandra Bortich and could vary in the range between $739.8K - $1.1M.

December 2016$52.8K - $160.9K
November 2016$63.5K - $98K
October 2016$79.2K - $122.6K
September 2016$75.6K - $83.9K
August 2016$67.7K - $155.9K
July 2016$60.2K - $124.8K
June 2016$64.6K - $117.8K
May 2016$60K - $110.6K
April 2016$69.8K - $100.9K
March 2016$46.6K - $149.4K
February 2016$64K - $93.7K
January 2016$81.5K - $94.5K

Aleksandra Bortich Net Worth 2015

Aleksandra Bortich 's revenue is $1.1M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandra Bortich and could vary in the range between $541.7K - $1.4M.

December 2015$81.5K - $108K
November 2015$48.4K - $138.7K
October 2015$64.9K - $127.8K
September 2015$46.7K - $130.6K
August 2015$56.7K - $158.8K
July 2015$47.9K - $153.8K
June 2015$72.6K - $90.4K
May 2015$66.9K - $117.6K
April 2015$60.2K - $141.5K
March 2015$65.8K - $145.7K
February 2015$66.9K - $164K
January 2015$53.7K - $133.3K

It is an overall forecast for the net worth of Aleksandra Bortich. The evaluation covers the latest 5 years and an approximation for next year. See above to learn how much money does Aleksandra Bortich make a year.

The range above shows an estimation based on evaluation generated by public information about sponsorships or other sources found on the internet. It's summarized data from Aleksandra Bortich' projects existing in AidWiki's repository. It's an approximation of the revenue compiled by AidWiki and may not correspond with the real amount.


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